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Special thanks to all our wonderful buyers! We have been blessed to have such great people entering our lives.

Wonderful breeder of wonderful kittens. The whole experience was great. Even though we couldn't visit during lockdown, also because of the distance, we were kept up to date throughout with complete honesty about his progress. So many photos and videos as he grew, fast response to my endless questions too. This lady is truly dedicated to this breed , knowledgeable and happily, openly shows his love for all of his cats and kittens. My boy has made our house a home again, settled in so quickly, clean, eats well and has a beautiful nature. 6 weeks and not one of us or any furniture has been scratched. A sign of wonderful balanced cats from a wonderful breeder. Thanks Jess. We love Raffles to bits. Wish I could get another one😂😻😻

Saul Cook

We are so happy to have the newest member of our family: King of the Snow. King is the most affectionate and sweet boy. He is adjusting quickly and is even more beautiful in person than what photos can show. We recommend Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens for Oriental Shorthair kittens. Superb quality and excellent communication made the decision easy. Thank you, Gibson!


What a wonderful team Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens are! They care so much about each cat and only want what's best for them. They are full of knowledge and are so responsive to questions. I would not want to go anywhere else if I was wanting another Oriental Shorthaire (need a bigger house). Even after having Max for over 6 months we are still in contact with Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens. We send pictures and updates and they are on hand for my many questions. The BEST team 💕🐾

Kenneth J. Christian

Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens has been amazing from day one. His constant updates, support and friendly nature make him a pleasure to deal with. You can tell how much Gibson loves his cats and the time, effort and energy that he puts in is amazing.
I am lucky enough to be the proud mummy of Tormund and Tyrion, they are beautiful and so outgoing and friendly. They have fitted straight into our wonderful family, we couldn't be more thrilled.
Thank you Gibson. Xx

Thomas Dameron

What a wonderful Family Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens are ❤️ Gibson has been amazing from day one, he has kept us upto date on beautiful PennyLane 💞 He has been there for every question I have asked and has been wonderful. Penny is an absolute Dream, so chilled out and very happy. We were in Cat heaven when we visited and his cats are well loved and adorable. We highly recommend Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens 💜 Thank you again 😻

Erika Hubbard

Immediately on talking to Gibson it is clear that he puts his cats first... I followed him for a while before I decided to join his list. The concern and decisions he makes for all his cats is amazing. I watched my new baby Sasha from the day she was born grow up until she came home. Sasha is an extremely confident bundle of fun who clearly has been loved and exposed to family “noises” and normal home life... she is an absolute joy. Gibson is always willing to answer questions and advise with any problems you may have. HIGHLY recommended x


We highly recommend Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens. Gibson is a fantastic breeder who goes above and beyond for his cats. Saxon is our first Oriental Shorthair and the whole process was made really easy for us. We never felt like we were asking a stupid question and we were kept informed throughout with videos and photos. The visit to meet him was fantastic and we got to meet many of his other amazing cats. The kitten pack is brilliant with a lot of thought gone into it. Saxon is now 11 months old and we are still in touch. We look forward to Saxon having a friend in the near future. If you're thinking of getting a Oriental Shorthair as stated before we highly recommend Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens.😻🐾

Carlos Keim

I can't recommend Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens highly enough, we have two kittens from them and they are absolute delights, healthy, happy and so well socialised. They're inquisitive little bundles of fun and an absolute credit to the professional and loving way Gibson of Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens goes about his business of breeding. I believe Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens are an utter asset to the Oriental Shorthair breed. If you are considering owning a Oriental Shorthair (which you should be because they're the most awesome of all cats!) then you really cannot go wrong with Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens.

Diane Nolen

Thank you so much for our kitten Arlo, he has settled in brilliantly, so confident and friendly. Gibson has answered all my questions and reduced my anxiety introducing Arlo to our older kitten. We couldn't be happier, would highly recommend Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens x


We’ve just picked up our gorgeous boy kitten from Gibson, the wonderful owner of Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens. He cares for all his cats and kittens as his family and the result is beautiful, healthy and happy kittens. Gibson is so helpful and happy to answer all your questions (even some silly newbie owner ones from me 😂). I would really highly recommend Rudycats and would never go anywhere else ❤️

Jody Davis

Fantastic breeder, kept us updated at every step and always quick to reply if we had any questions. All his kittens and adult cats clearly receive lots of love and attention and he gave us plenty of stuff to help settle our kitten Pebbles into her new home. We couldn't be happier with Pebbles and she's a testament to what good work Gibson does.

Mary Hardison

From the start Gibson has been great with updates and pictures, its also nice as we receive regular updates on our kittens progress for example micro chipping, neutering and well being of our fur baby. He was also happy to answer any questions we had and when we were allowed to visit to meet our cat and the rest of the kittens. When we took her home we received a full file with all the relevant information and documents of our fur baby and also a complete kitten pack with food, toys etc. We would highly recommend Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens.

Larry Quintanilla

I was lucky enough to have brought home a kitten from one of Gibson’ litters. Runa is a testament to how she has been raised, and I appreciate how I have always been able to ask questions and get help regardless of how stupid the question may have been! Gibson prioritises the health and well-being of all his cats and kittens, and I truly can’t thank him enough!

Don Lawson

We love our Oriental Shorthair, Blueberry, that we got 2 months ago. She is full of personality, smart and shows affection. I have recommended this place to others.


Paul is amazing!! His cats are amazing!!! I looked at my kitten and my heart nearly burst. She is the best. I will be a repeat customer


We absolutely LOVE our boy, Royce! He is gorgeous, sweet, friendly and loving! Gibson was always available and responsive to us, sent photos and videos and assisted us in the process of customs and travel to Canada!


Just wanted to give you an update on our girl Eleven (formerly Kendra). She just had a birthday and she is doing great. In great health, and happy as can be. She has an absolutely wonderful temperament; such a great addition to our family.


We got our fur baby from Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens. Bubbles is “Super Sweet”. He’s a curly, crazy, high energy barrel of fun. So very happy and healthy. Thank u Gibson's Oriental Shorthair cats for sale. We couldn’t be more in love.


Hi Gibson Just wanted to let you know that Ozzie has completely settled in. As you know we were a bit worried how he was going to adjust to our almost 100 pound puppy. Well, 3 weeks later this is a case where “a picture truly is worth 1,000 words”! See the picture of Ozzy and Pica. We love him!


We had a wonderful experience! We brought home a kitten last year and she is sweet and loving. The perfect addition to our family and my kids ADORE her. So much so that we picked up another kitten from Gibson this week. He is equally friendly, sweet and gentle.


I absolutely love my little Oriental Shorthair boy from Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens. Gibson really looks after his animals with such love and care. It was a real pleasure dealing with him and he has some beautiful cats and I can really recommend him if you are looking for a Oriental Shorthair cat.
Highly recommend Drifter Dreamers Osh Kittens!


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